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Me- Do you have any idea of what it takes to come up with a pattern out of thin air?
Platypus- Nope.
Me- Well, then don't complain that I'm working too slowly!
Platypus- But I don't have arms, I only have feet and legs...
Me- They're coming, they're coming!
Platypus- Okay, so long as you don't forget to add them or something...
Me- I won't do THAT!
Platypus- Okay, but when am I FINALLY coming together?
Me- I dunno! Maybe tomorrow...
She rolls her eyes...
Me- Would you believe the smart alecky Platypus I'm putting together? Unreal little gal, bossy, but special, LOL! (Can't wait to show her to you!)
Platypus- Am I at least going to be cute?
Your turn to roll your eyes!

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