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 A storybook, coloring book and activity all rolled up into one, based on my Funmigurumi frogs!

Want to see a video?

Here is where you will find the free patterns for the main frogs featured in this book:

Funmigurumi Cutely Frogs: Leafy Sleek

Funmigurumi Cutely Frogs: Humpy the Leaper Toad

Funmigurumi Frogs: Croaky Puddler

  1. Extremely cute!

  2. Thank you! Hope you enjoy making him!

  1. So cute. I've added him to the directory at

    If you have other patterns you would like included you can add them right on our site.

    I hope this link brings you lots of traffic.

  2. Thank you, Megan I greatly appreciate it. Will try to add some of my cuties soon.

  1. Thank you, Lydia! I never thought we would be having so much fun making frogs, but it has turned out that way.


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